Rhett Butler's People

Rhett Butler's People - Donald McCaig

Cathecarte Puryear blinked. "You are a natural philosopher?"

The boy dismissed that possibility. "No, sir. I'm a renegade."

The characters from Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind are some of my all time favorites. With the upcoming release of Donald McCaig's book focusing on Mammy I decided to finally read the authorized sequels/companion books of GWTW, which I had previously been wary to read. I wasn't a big fan of Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley but I did end up enjoying this book much more than Scarlett.


This book shows vastly different sides to some of the characters of GWTW. While I didn't quite agree with McCaig's portrayals of certain characters (mostly Melanie) I did understand why he portrayed them as he did and didn't think that they were too outlandish. I loved the mix between old and new characters and found the plot lines regarding both as equally interesting.


If you loved the hard and strong Rhett Butler of GWTW then you might be a bit taken aback by the Rhett Butler of this book. Personally, I enjoyed getting to see a different and softer side to Rhett. I liked getting to read McCaig's version of Rhett's childhood and seeing how McCaig thought Rhett was driven to become the man he was.


Overall I thought that this book did a good job at staying true to the characters and spirit of GWTW, with a few exceptions. McCaig did a great job at not making anything be too over-the-top. I look forward to reading McCaig's book on Mammy.