Cold Feet at Christmas

Cold Feet at Christmas - Debbie Johnson

He'd fought for so long to stay away from her, from this. To stay distant, stay safe.

I was convinced to request this from NetGalley based on the book description and some reading updates of someone that I follow on Booklikes. This just seemed like it was going to be a funny but steamy read. While it was funny and pretty light in the beginning, as you begin to read more the book definitely becomes much heavier. I just loved the beginning and how funny it was but once they were out of Scotland everything changed. I don't mind characters having issues and things being heavy in a romance book but this seemed like a complete 180 from the beginning parts.


For the most part I did really like both of the main characters, Leah and Rob. Leah is still dealing with things from her past and is now left to deal from running away from her wedding. I loved her sense of humor and how she managed to lighten things up in the beginning when they strayed into difficult topics. Now Rob, well he is just a different story. There are two majorly different sides to Rob in this book. In the beginning he is warm, funny, and kind but then he just turns into something cruel. He has a really heartbreaking reason for his cruelness but it became annoying how long he stayed stubbornly cruel.


Overall I did enjoy the events at the end, however it did seem like things were just conveniently tied up like a bow. Don't get me wrong, I liked where the characters ended up at the end but I swear I felt like Leah would have been so hurt and wouldn't have given in that easily. This is a book that I would recommend for someone who would like a mix of funny and heavy. This doesn't seem like it would be, but this was a pretty steamy book at times. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.


(Side note: In the book when they characters are in Chicago they are at Giordano's enjoying what the book says is 'deep pan' pizza. I live in the Chicagoland area and have never heard deep pan, it is normally called deep dish pizza. It just made me twitch every time I read it.)