Last Train to Babylon

Last Train to Babylon - Charlee Fam

"If there's a heaven, I can't picture it," he said. "I just imagine white space. Nothing but this huge white space and all the Catholics I'd ever known standing around in a circle dressed in their Easter best. You know what I'm talking about?"

For some reason before I started reading this I thought it would be a comedy. I don't know what lead me to think that but I did. While this was not a comedy it was a profound look at the sometimes manipulative friendships girls can experience and other darker subjects. It may be difficult for some to like the main character, Aubrey, but if you are able to dig past the anger and anxiety you'll see just how complicated she really is.


I immediately connected with and understood Aubrey. I could really identify with her in regards to her friendship with Rachel. I never felt like her anger was over the top mainly because I understood that she was using it to mask her feelings. The journey she goes on after Rachel kills herself had me absolutely fascinated. I couldn't put this down because I just had to know what had happened in the past that made her the person she is today.


If you really try hard enough it isn't that hard to figure out what happened in the past. The point of the story isn't what happened but how it affects Aubrey. Throughout the story I tended to have differing opinions on each of the characters except for that I like Aubrey throughout. As the events unfolded I felt more sadness for Aubrey and my views towards certain characters really started to conform to her views of them. I really liked where she ended up at the end but there was one thing that I wanted to know that readers don't get to know (I won't say what it was but I was dying to know).