The Temp-Part 1

The Temp - Part 1 (The Temp Series) - Lacey Wolfe

Men were trouble, and nothing good ever came out of them.

I picked up this part after seeing a post saying that the ebook was free. This looked like something that I might enjoy so I was looking forward to reading it. It is pretty short so it didn't take me long to read it. I do wish it had been longer because I wish there would have been more about Alice's past. The steamy scenes were good but the author kept referring to fingers as 'digits' so it could get a bit awkward during those scenes. While the cliffhanger at the end was a bit predictable I still liked it anyway. I was open to continuing with this series until I saw the price of the other two parts. I cannot see myself paying that much per part when both are less than 100 pages.