Breed - Chase Novak, Scott Spencer
But at that moment, Adam tightens his grip on Michael’s hand, and Alice likewise squeezes his other hand, and with the childish, trusting touch of these twins, his fate is sealed. He cannot and he will not betray them.


I have to start this review by saying that I don't normally read horror books. Horror is not my favorite genre but I am always willing to read different things. Oddly enough when I finished this I didn't feel like it was horror enough. Yes there were some really creepy and freaky things but for most of this book I was a bit bored.


This book follows a family who is definitely not normal after the mother and father undergo odd fertility treatments to conceive the children, Adam and Alice. I never liked the mother and father, Alex and Leslie. The more I read this the more I hated them. I didn't really like some of the side effects of what they were going through (like the memory loss and especially the loss of their vocabulary). Quite frankly I didn't really connect with any of these characters.


There just wasn't enough creepy and freaky in this. It was a lot of running and hiding and that got old fast. My favorite creepy part was definitely the showdown between Alex and Michael. It was gory but it was fast paced and interesting. I was also left unsatisfied with the ending. It kind of felt like the author just gave up on the book. I don't really see what the sequel will be on but as I have already committed myself on Netgalley to reading it I guess I'll find out. This book wasn't bad but it also wasn't good; it was just okay.