The Deep End

The Deep End - Julie Mulhern


My morning swim doesn’t usually involve corpses. If it did, I’d give up swimming for something less stressful, like coaxing cobras out of baskets or my mother out of bed before ten.

I was a bit surprised that this was a Henery Press book. I am used to reading cozy mysteries from them and this had some racier parts to it that take it out of the cozy mystery genre. There was nothing too racy but just not what I am used to from Henery Press (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).


This book follows Ellison Russell after she finds the dead body of her husband's mistress. This takes place in 1974. In the beginning I didn't really like Ellison because I felt like she let everyone walk all over her, but once she found a backbone (and stood up to that mother of hers) I really started to like her. I felt like this was filled with good supporting characters too. I really liked Hunter and Detective Jones (Anarchy) and loved Ellison's relationship with each.


I couldn't tell who was behind the murders until it was revealed and I wasn't all that satisfied at who it was. I did enjoy the suspense and action towards the end and especially enjoyed Ellison's conversations with Hunter and Detective Jones at the end. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next in this series. Thanks to Netgalley and Henery Press for the galley.