Brood - Chase Novak
The thing about him is— Jesus, I don’t even want to write this down. It will be like proof that I’ve started to go mad… and if I do go mad, those kids will really and truly disappear into the grinding machinery of the child-care system that processes kids like sausage meat. But here it is anyhow: Dylan’s hands glow in the dark.

So after not liking the first book I continued on to the sequel only because I had already committed to read it on Netgalley. I, once again, found myself struggling through this one and had to force myself to sit down and read just like I had to force myself to take disgusting tasting cough syrup as a child. It is really hard to find the motivation to follow characters that you don't like or at times don't understand.


This book starts a little while after the first one ended. Adam and Alice are now going to be living with their aunt Cynthia. Cynthia is absolutely dying to be a mother so she jumps at the chance to become a mother to the traumatized twins. I felt that Cynthia was pathetic, naive, and annoying as hell. She just thought they could be one happy family and wouldn't really get the help the kids needed. She was clueless and was definitely not their mother. I haven't wanted a character to die this much in a long time.


If having annoying Cynthia in this book isn't enough for you, readers also get to follow a pack of wild children who speak like cavemen. It was an absolute headache trying to read any dialogue involving the wild children. Of course the only one who speaks normally, Polly, happens to be the one that I hate the most. Here is a little glimpse of how the wild children spoke:

“They are taking us’s brothers and sisters. Who is doing this to us’s? This we’s must know.”

I didn't really enjoy the whole side plot with Dennis. It didn't really help move the story along. In fact the plot progression really lacked in this. Not much actually happened, once again it was a lot of running but this time we added Cynthia worrying constantly to the plot. I was once again left completely unsatisfied with the ending. The ending felt like a fizzle when the author realized he was running out of pages. I am not sure if there will be any sequels to this but I do know that if there are I won't be reading them.