Genocide of One

Genocide of One - Philip Gabriel, Kazuaki Takano
“When human evolution occurs, we will soon vanish from the face of the earth. We will suffer the same fate that befell Peking man and the Neanderthals.”

I really tried hard to like this but I could never really get all that interested in this book. It felt far too long and I was far too bored by it. The characters were all underdeveloped and that is why I never really cared about any of them. There was a ton of science in this book and it tended to become technical and boring like this passage:

The extraction procedure isolated the nonpolar organic materials of the reaction mixture into a nonpolar organic solvent, leaving behind the unwanted polar constituents in a polar water phase.

How do you expect me to stay interested in the story, let alone awake, while reading that? There was some action in this book that I found pretty exciting but that just couldn't make up for the rest of the book.


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