That time when I tried to convince myself I only needed an hour of sleep

Yesterday I was hooked on this book (The Convert's Song by Sebastian Rotella) that I was reading and just didn't want to put it down. So of course I ended up staying up late into the night to finish it even though I had to work today. This is when I really became stupid (or I was in denial) and I thought since I am already up I might as well start this relatively short book that I just bought (Saving the CEO by Jenny Holiday). Of course once I started it I thought I should just finish it. Well I finished it and tried to rationalize my stupidity by saying "well I was off today and got plenty of sleep so I shouldn't need a ton of sleep for Friday." Between my late night reading marathon and my cellphone malfunctioning and waking me up with its screams, I only ended up getting an hour of sleep. I was an exhausted and emotional zombie at work today and have vowed to myself to never do that again.