Tattoo Thief

Tattoo Thief - Heidi Joy Tretheway


Life is too exciting and messy and unpredictable to give up. I’m telling you all this crap about what I hated in my life, but it was an adventure

This is another book that I picked up when it was free on Amazon. This book follows Beryl (I liked the unique name) as she breaks out of her safe, boring, and normal life in Eugene, Oregon to move to New York City to work for her late father's best friend. She ends up a housesitter for the mysterious rock star, Gavin Slater. While house sitting for Gavin she gets to know him and the two become close.


I initially really liked Beryl and could really connect with her. I could identify with the safe life that she lived in Oregon and the growth that she experienced when she moved to New York. When I started to have a little bit of a problem with her is when she kind of turned into some creepy stalker about Gavin (even she admits it was kind of stalkerish. I had a bit of second-hand embarrassment at how desperate she seemed at times.


Beryl and Gavin get to know each other through emails and instant messages. For most of the book that is how Gavin makes an appearance. I can understand how they could grow to become friends because of that but not how they could grow to fall for each other so fast. Maybe it was just me but I felt like the emails and instant messages weren't enough for them to truly get to know each other.


I was just as impatient for Gavin to come back home as Beryl was. I feel like that while we do get to know him while he is chatting online with Beryl Gavin wasn't truly fleshed out and developed until he came home.


Overall I did enjoy this but felt that the love came on too fast and too strong and that Gavin was underdeveloped for most of the book. I don't know if I will be continuing with this series but only because I didn't particularly like the two characters that are the focus of the next book.