His Forbidden Touch

His Forbidden Touch - Shelly Thacker
"I would be anyone , anywhere,” she whispered against his lips, “if only I could be with you."


I lost track of everything while reading this. I would be reading it and hours would feel like mere minutes and I was almost late for work this morning. Whenever I had to put it down the characters never strayed far from my mind. The plot of this book was exactly what I had been wanting to read recently. When I picked this up when it was free on Amazon I was a bit wary of it because I don't like the cover but I needn't have worried.


I loved the two main characters, Ciara and Royce. Their chemistry is what had me really hooked in this book. I really liked Ciara's growth throughout the book and how Royce helped her grow. I loved everything about Royce; his strength and vulnerability.


There was one thing that I felt didn't fit the time period.When Royce was repelling down the cliff I feel like he had equipment that wasn't true to the time period. That did not lessen any of my interest in the book.


I really enjoyed this and it kind of surprised me how hooked I was in it. I would definitely be interested in reading more from this author.