Life or Death

Life or Death - Michael Robotham


The biggest mistake a man can make in prison is to believe he matters at all.

I am a huge fan of Michael Robotham's Joe O'Loughlin series so I was really excited to read this standalone (even though I was a bit bummed that it wasn't another book about Joe). Robotham created such thrilling books with his O'Loughlin series and managed to make this book just as thrilling.


This book follows Audie Palmer a man who escapes from prison the day before he is set to be released. Audie had been sent to prison for robbing an armored truck and the money, seven million dollars, was never recovered. Everyone is baffled as to why Audie would escape when he was about to be released. 


I loved how much of a mystery Audie was in the beginning. You didn't quite know what to believe about him. The more I read this the more I really started to like him. I don't want to give too much away but it is safe to say that Audie went through a lot. I really enjoyed how his backstory unfolded slowly throughout the story.


This story also follows a couple of secondary characters that are important to the story. I liked following Moss and Desiree. They were both likeable and interesting characters. I was a bit annoyed with some of the other secondary characters but that's because they were jerks.


The events towards the end of the book were awesome. I could basically say all the cliches about how thrilling it was but I'll spare you. Okay maybe I'll give you one and say that it will leave you gasping for breath.


If you're not already a fan of Michael Robotham from his Joe O'Loughlin series this book will make you one. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.