At the Water's Edge

At the Water's Edge: A Novel - Sara Gruen

And so, because of my husband's war with his father and their insane obsession with a mythical monster, we'd crossed the Atlantic at the very same time a real madman, a real monster, was attempting to take over the world for his own reasons of ego and pride.

This was a book that I stayed up late to finish (definitely later than I should have). Once I started reading this and was transported to Scotland, I just couldn't put it down. While I was reading this book I was in love with it and its characters (well except for Ellis and Hank) but once I finished and really started to think about it, certain things began to lose their shine.


I admit that in the beginning I really loved Ellis and Hank. I really loved their sense of humor. The more I read the more I began to hate them. They were absolute jerks and some readers may not be able to get past that. I really grew to love Maddie so I was extremely angry at the way they treated her. I was dying for Maddie to stand up to them and was glad when she did.


The other secondary characters really add a lot to the story. I fell hook, line, and sinker for the relationship between Maddie and Angus while reading the book. When I really thought about it afterwards it seemed a bit too much like instalove at times. I liked seeing Maddie grow as a person as she became friends with Anna and Meg.


Overall this was an enjoyable read that will transport you to Scotland during WWII to follow complex and compelling characters. 


[I received this book from a Librarything Early Reviewers giveaway. The content of my review is not affected by that.]