Has Anyone Seen My Pants?

Has Anyone Seen My Pants? - Sarah Colonna

I am not starting my review with a quote because nothing really stuck out enough for me to highlight it. I read Sarah Colonna's first book and loved it. Her first book was hilarious so I was excited to read this book. Unfortunately I don't feel like this book comes close to her first book in regards to humor and interest level.


In this book Colonna shares stories about her dating experiences during her late thirties. She does tell stories about other things but dating is the main theme. Quite honestly I didn't find many of her dating stories or stories about being single all that funny. In fact, some were downright boring (like the story about the major league baseball player). The stories I ended up liking the most were the ones that had nothing to do with her love life (like when she talked about her late cat, Mischief). I did enjoy getting to read about how she met her now fiance, Jon. I do hope that when they get married that Ross Matthews officiates their wedding in a tutu. 


While the book wasn't bad it also wasn't great. If you're a big fan of Sarah Colonna you will enjoy this. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.