Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

Have you ever been approached by a grim-looking man, carrying a naked sword with a blade about ten miles long in his hand, in the middle of the night, beneath the stars on the shores of Lake Michigan? If you have, seek professional help.

The curse of the predictable plot strikes again. I could see things coming from miles away (extremely early in the book). That could have potentially not bothered me as much as it did if only I had found Harry Dresden to be funnier or more interesting than he was. I'll admit that there were times when he had me chucking but for most of the book he was a bit boring.


When I first started this it felt like I had accidentally started the series a book or two in. Harry's backstory is kind of tiptoed around. Clearly some major things have happened in his past and I was frustrated by how briefly it was mentioned. Quite frankly his past seemed more interesting than the present events in the book.


While this book wasn't horrendous it also wasn't great. For lack of a better word it was  meh (if that can even be considered a word). I don't think that I will be continuing on with this series but I don't regret reading this book.