I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend

I Must Say: My Life As a Humble Comedy Legend - Martin Short

The number-one rule in show business is: Never follow a singer with a singer. The number-two rule in show business, incidentally, is: Never look Barbra Streisand in the eye when she is walking onstage, or during foreplay.

This was quite a fun read, I must say. I just love Martin Short so I had been really eager to read this memoir. Apparently I didn't know as much about Martin Short as I thought I did because I learned a lot about him while reading this. There were some absolutely hilarious parts to this book and Short did talk about all the different comics that he has worked with that I wanted him to talk about. Short has gone through some tough things, which are covered in the book, but I really liked that he didn't ever let those events stop him from living. I laughed and at times cried and I would highly recommend this book to any Martin Short fans. The only thing that I'd caution is that this book might be better in the audio book format as he does have chapters from the point of view of some of his famous characters and those might be better in audio format.