My Kindle Fire just murdered my Kindle Keyboard

I have had my Kindle Keyboard for years and I am in love with it. A couple months ago I got a Kindle Fire. While I love my Kindle Fire, my Kindle Keyboard was always going to be my favorite. My Kindle Fire knew that and what happened today is proof. Today right before I sat down to eat dinner my Kindle Fire leaped out of my hands and slammed into my Kindle Keyboard, which was innocently laying on my bed. I gasped when I looked down to see that the screen on my Kindle Keyboard now resembles an etch-a-sketch. That sneaky little Kindle Fire knew that its brother was my favorite and he went and killed him. I have emailed Amazon asking if I could fix it and have yet to hear back from them. I am contemplating asking people I know if they have a Kindle Keyboard they would be willing to sell to me because I really want one but unfortunately Amazon doesn't sell new ones anymore. I had no idea my Kindle Fire would resort to murder. I am just devastated.