The Chief

The Chief - Monica McCarty

 "You are never to be ill again." He crossed his arms, looking very chiefly. "I won't permit it."

I've come across some reviews of this series that left me curious so when I saw this one available as an ebook from my library I grabbed it up. I am always up for a so-called Highlander Romance. There is just something about big muscled, strong Scottish men that really gets to me. I don't expect much historical accuracy when reading Highlander books so I was pleasantly surprised that the author actually did some research.


While reading this I loved the main characters, Tor and Christina. After I finish this and reflected on it the more I began to see just how annoyed by them I could be at times. Tor is very strong but very set in his ways (so that he can protect his clan). He was an absolute jerk to Christina for a lot of the book. At times it was a bit over-the-top. Christina, on the other hand, was so naive and acted like a little puppy too much. She was just dying for a little affection from Tor that I wished she would have not basically have clung to him as much as she did. I really enjoyed where the two of them ended up in the end.


I wasn't all that sold on the whole Highlander special forces thing but I did enjoy all the action it brought to the story. I also liked reading the parts in which the group was training. I couldn't put this down while reading it but I still haven't decided whether I want to continue with the series.