No Limits

No Limits - Lori Foster

“I can’t stop picturing you without the shirt and shorts.” His blunt admission left her blank. “Naked in running shoes?” His mouth quirked. “Okay, you can maybe lose the shoes, too.”

I have been very stressed out lately and have been in need of something to take my mind off of my worries. This book was the perfect thing for my mind right now. This book was light years better than the novella that started the series. The characters were much more compelling and the story was richer. Quite frankly I just couldn't get enough of Cannon. 


Cannon and Yvette have a somewhat difficult past. When Yvette comes back to town after her grandfather's death she finds herself thrown together with Cannon when her grandfather leaves both her and Cannon an inheritance. Yvette used to follow Cannon around with puppy love until some pretty dark things happened and she left town to get away from everything (especially Cannon). Now that she is back in town Cannon realizes that he can't let Yvette get out of his life again.


I liked that while Cannon and Yvette shared a history they still had to go through the process of building a relationship. Reading about their past was horrifying and it really explaining why Yvette was the way she was. Cannon could be a little aggressive in his quest to seduce Yvette but you could definitely tell that he cared about her and was clearly protective of her.


I really loved the secondary characters. I just loved Armie, even when he was being all perverted. I loved getting to read the tension between him and Rissa. I seriously cannot wait to read his story (I assume there will be a book about him and Rissa). I also really loved how not only Armie but all the guys really supported Yvette and felt protective of her.


I did have a couple problems with this book. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about the Heath storyline. At times it felt like it was thrown in there just so that there would be some conflict. Also some of the events at the end got to be a bit outlandish in relation to the rest of the story. I was baffled and what was happening and how crazy some people were acting. Nevertheless I still ended up really enjoying the story and where Cannon and Yvette ended up at end. I am really looking forward to continuing this series and getting to read Denver's story (but can Armie's story please be next after Denver's?).