Washington's Spies

Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring - Alexander Rose

I feel like this took me far longer to read than it should have. That isn't necessarily a comment on my interest in the book as I have been extremely busy at work recently so I've had less time to read. I have been interested in reading this book since the tv show Turn first premiered. I have yet to ever watch an episode of Turn but now I can say I have at least read this.


I can't really say that the Revolutionary War knocks my socks off. However, I do enjoy reading about spying during wars so I felt like this would be something of interest to me. This was a very informative, at times a bit dry, look at spying during the Revolutionary War. While it mainly focuses on American spying it does also cover spying by Britain.


I really enjoyed that the author introduced the main players in the Culper spy ring and manages to follow them during the war and show all they managed to do. I especially enjoyed the discussion regarding the code they used to communicate. I did feel that this could be especially dry at times and that sometimes made it a bit hard for me to motivate myself pick this up.


I would definitely recommend this to someone who is really fascinated with the Revolutionary War and would like to know more about spying during that time.