When We Were Animals

When We Were Animals - Joshua Gaylord
But to be between was too much to bear. To be defined by betweenness is not to be defined at all. It is to live your whole life at dusk, which is neither day nor night and therefore an hour of sad nothing caught between one kind of life and another.

 There is just something about this book that will suck you in and not let you go until the very end. At times enthralling and other times bizarre this will strike you as unique and fresh. I do have to admit that while I was fascinated by it as I read it after I finished it and really gathered my thoughts about it I felt a bit letdown about the events towards the end.


This book follows Lumen, a girl who lives in a town where teenagers run wild at night during the full moon. When I say wild I mean wild. Those teenagers are doing things that would have any normal town quaking in fear. For Lumen's town this is just a normal part of life. This book switches back and forth between adult Lumen and teenage Lumen.


There was never really a point in the book where I really liked Lumen. Her insistence in the beginning on her belief that she would never breach annoyed me and then later on her belief that there was something bad inside her also annoyed me. The way she sets up the story and keeps building towards something really made me feel like something major would happen. While there was some pretty important events towards the end it still felt a bit like a letdown. I wasn't really a fan of adult Lumen at all.


This is definitely an interesting book that felt like an experience while I was reading it. I really liked it while reading it but upon reflection when I finished it, it lost some of its spell. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.