Beyond a Doubt

Beyond a Doubt (A Carol Childs Mystery Book 2) - Nancy Cole Silverman

I really loved the first book of this series so I was pretty excited to read this book. Carol Child's is back and this time she is investigating the death of a federal judge's daughter, which seems to be connected to a string of missing young women. Carol will stop at nothing to find out who is behind everything even if it ruins her career and puts her life at danger.


I do love reading about Carol but I have to say that I feel like she was needlessly reckless in this book. Not only did she seem to blindly walk into danger but she also led others into danger (even her own daughter). I admire her persistence at bringing the person who was behind everything to justice but it seemed like she wasn't thinking straight at certain points throughout the book.


I did not like Carol's boss, Tyler, in the previous book but I really liked him in this one. I liked how supportive he was being of Carol (even if she didn't always see it that way). I also liked the addition of Cupid to the series. At first it seemed like Cupid was going to be a jerk but I love how supportive he was to Carol as well. 


I was really excited when the action in the story really ramped up towards the end. Unfortunately I feel like it kind of wrapped up way too quickly. There was barely any showdown. I was happy though that Carol was celebrated as the hero that she was. I look forward to reading more of this series but I do hope that in the future there is more of Eric. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.