The Devil Wears Kilts

The Devil Wears Kilts - Suzanne Enoch

From the way her family swept up to her and the fast beating of her own heart, anyone would think she had just faced down the devil himself. But then she just had, really.

This book was a little bit more than just a romance book, it also had a little bit of mystery and some danger thrown in. Unfortunately I felt like the romance really outshined the mystery and danger. Honestly I really didn't care much about the main mystery and the danger and fights weren't all that great.


What I absolutely loved about this book was the chemistry and banter between Ranulf and Charlotte. I loved how right from the beginning Charlotte stood up to Ranulf even when no one else would. It was pure magic when the two of them were together.


I felt like the ending wasn't as good as it could have been. It almost felt like the author had run out of pages. I did enjoy where Ranulf and Charlotte's relationship was at the end though. I really look forward to reading to reading more of this series.