Rogue with a Brogue

Rogue with a Brogue - Suzanne Enoch

"And I've never felt as alive as I do when I'm with ye. I wouldnae have wanted to go through my life withoot feeling that. Or without knowing ye. So nae, I dunnae regret meeting ye, my bonny Mary. Nae for a second."

I wasn't going to start this book so soon after reading the first one because I am still on a waiting list for the third but I just had surgery to remove my wisdom teeth yesterday and figured I could use something to make me feel better.


There were certain aspects of this that I liked better than the first in the series, like the danger surrounding the main characters. When Arran and Mary ended up having to flee from both of their clans it felt like there was much more danger for them than any of the "danger" of the first book. I also enjoyed how that danger brought them closer and even brought them closer to Howard and Peter (the men who helped them flee). I just loved Howard and Peter.


I wasn't as convinced about the love better Arran and Mary, it just wasn't as convincing as the love between Ranulf and Charlotte. It almost felt a bit too much like insta-love or insta-lust (at least on Arran's part). The more that I read the book and saw them interact the more that I liked their relationship but it took some time for me to warm up to it. I still was rooting for them though.


Overall I did enjoy this book (and it helped me take my mind off of my surgery and it has helped in my recovery). There was a sneak peek at the third book at the end of this one and I cannot wait to read that one. Let's hope that I am not on the waiting list too long (Who am I kidding? I'll probably end up buying it in a day or two because I am 19th in line and there are three copies. I have not been real patient lately.)