I Am the Traitor

I Am the Traitor (The Unknown Assassin) - Allen Zadoff

"We are soldiers," Mike says. "Never forget what that means."

I really enjoyed the first book of this series (not as a big of a fan of the second though) so I was really eager to see how this series would end. It has been a little while since I've read the second book but from the beginning of this one I had no trouble remembering what had happened and who each character was.


Zach is back and now he must rescue Howard from The Program. There is a small complication when he discovers Howard is being held with a girl named Tanya and he is unsure as to whether or not she is trustworthy. Zach must also deal with whether or not he will trust and continue to work with The Program.


Throughout this series I have felt that at times Zach has been far too trusting of people and this book is no exception to that. For someone who is supposed to be a trained assassin he can be pretty trusting and naive. Then again he is just a teenager.


I really loved the first 3/4ths of this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I had no idea what would happen next. The last fourth of the book had me disappointed. It did not live up to my expectations. Quite honestly I was expecting it to blow my mind or at least be something that I couldn't guess easily on my own. The series is leading us to this moment and if you try hard enough you'll figure it out without trying all that hard.


Despite my feelings towards the ending I did enjoy this book. Other fans of this series might love that ending so I would recommend reading this if you've enjoyed the previous books. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.