In Paradise

In Paradise: A Novel - Peter Matthiessen
The point of life is to help others through it— who said that? We must help the living while we can, since the dead have no more need of us.

This took me longer to read than I thought it would and when I finished it I was relieved to have finally finished it. I spent the time I was reading it having a like/hate relationship with it. I didn't like the way this was written as at times it was confusing as to what was going on and sometimes I couldn't tell if someone was speaking or if it was just Olin's thoughts. Most of the characters were not all that likeable, especially Olin. I enjoyed when Olin discussed his family as those parts were the most interesting to me. I could have done without the parts between Olin and Sister Catherine and hated what happened with them at the end. This wasn't what I thought it would be and I am too impatient these days to have to wade through this and interpret the symbolism just to enjoy the book.