Permed to Death

Permed to Death (The Bad Hair Day Mysteries Book 1) - Nancy J. Cohen

Someone hadn't been too pleased she was home, safe and dry. Someone who didn't wish her well.

I love a good cozy mystery and am always up for reading them so I was excited when I was approved on Netgalley to read this book. Unfortunately for me I had problems with this from the beginning. Between a main character that I didn't like, typos and errors throughout the book, and a predictable mystery this book is not high on my list of favorite cozies.


From the start I didn't really like Marla. In the beginning she kept mentioning some incident from her past (going on and on about it) without really going into detail. Once it was revealed what happened I did understand why she was still so traumatized. I didn't like how she kept budding in on the investigation. At times it felt like she was bumbling about. Honestly the answer to the mystery was right in front of her face and the fact that it took her so long to figure it out didn't really help me like her all that much. 


I was wary about this book after I read the first chapter and there were more typos than I would have liked to have been in a whole book. One specific typo that I noticed a lot was "die" being substituted for "the." It was a bit confusing at first but then I got used to the typos. This could have used more editing.


Altogether this was a bit of a disappointment. The answer to the mystery was so obvious that I felt certain that I was just being lead to believe it and that there would be a big twist at the end but to me there was no twist. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.