The Lost Garden

The Lost Garden (Tales from Goswell) - Katharine Swartz

Perhaps this step is as simple as any other, if you just close your eyes. And so she closes her eyes, and lets the rain beat over her, and everything in her demands she take that small, final step into forever.

There is something about an abandoned, so-called 'lost,' garden that will always fascinate me. Over the years I would occasionally get the urge to start my own garden but once I realize how much work it would be I just give up. I knew that I wanted to read this because of the garden and how it would tie into the story and connect the two mason characters' (Eleanor and Marin) lives.


While both Eleanor and Marin are experiencing different situations they are both connected in the grief that they are experiencing. I liked Marin throughout the book but that wasn't always the case with Eleanor. Eleanor could be a bit selfish at times, thinking as though she was the only one hurting. She wasn't the only character that could get on my nerves add I rarely liked Katharine (until she showed her vulnerability) and Rebecca could be a bit annoying and selfish herself.


I really loved the relationship between Eleanor and Jack, or at least more than I liked what was going on between Marin and Joss. There were times when I wasn't sure as to why Jack was fighting the relationship so much (even though I knew it would be forbidden) but I understood why towards the end. I was not as happy with some of the events towards the end as I was with the rest of the book. Maybe that is because I felt so connected to Eleanor and Jack that I never wanted to see them go through what they went through.


Overall I really did enjoy this book and found myself sucked into the plot more than once. I would definitely consider reading more from this author. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.