The Perfect Bargain

The Perfect Bargain (Entangled Lovestruck) (How to Marry a Highlander) - Jessa McAdams
“Does it no’ seem a bit strange to you that you’d go to such lengths to keep from meeting a man? Have you thought that maybe you’re a wee bit too scared of it?"

Sometimes all you want is a quick sweet-and-fluffy read that will transport you to the Scottish Highlands where a gorgeous Scottish lad will sweep you off your feet. Luckily for me that is exactly what this book is. I was looking for something quick and sweet and I was definitely not disappointed with this book.



Sloane escapes to Scotland after her fiance breaks off their engagement and her well meaning friends keep trying to find her a new man. She comes up with a plot to find herself a fake Scottish boyfriend that will conveniently break her heart so that her friends will quit trying to find her a new man. She meets Galen who owns a pub and is in need of money and thinks that she may have found herself the perfect fake boyfriend.


I really like reading about both Sloane and Galen. While Sloane did have her heart broken previously, I liked that there was nothing too dark in either of the main characters backgrounds. I really enjoyed the chemistry and heat between them. They both really seemed to bring out a different side in each other. I just really loved where they ended up in the end.


I didn't like the Outlander references as I don't think they were completely necessary. I also didn't like Sloanes' friends. They showed up and really acted like bitches at times. At first they all seemed too self involved to care about how Sloane was really doing. 


This was a good fluffy read that had me all warm and fuzzy inside. If you just want a book that will be a good, light escape then this is a book for you. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.