Holding Strong

Holding Strong - Lori Foster

I couldn't get my wits about me while reading this to actually highlight a passage that I liked so I won't be starting this review of with a quote. While this book was in my tbr pile, I want supposed to have read this as I have tons of Netgalley and ARCs to read, but clearly I have no self control. 


This book follows Denver and Cherry who are characters that have been introduced in the previous book and novella in the series. Denver clearly can't get enough of Cherry but forces himself not to take anything to the next level. Cherry really likes Denver and had been trying forever to get him to make a move. This book dives right into the heat as Denver and Cherry have spent the previous parts of this series dealing with their feelings.


I could not get enough of the chemistry between Denver and Cherry. This book and these characters are practically sizzling at times. One thing that I didn't altogether enjoy was Denver's incessant need to keep calling Cherry 'girl.' It was overused and to me defused the heat at times. 


Both Cherry and Denver have things from their past that they'd really love to forget. Their pasts really come back to haunt them in the second half of the book. Cherry's past was much more interesting to me than Denver's. At times I felt like the people from their past hijacked the story.


Usually I don't like when authors take time to set up the next book in the series but I loved it in this book. The next book in this series follows Stack and you really get a great glimpse at the chemistry between him and Vanity. This book also really adds to and sets up Armie's story. I am dying to read Armie's story and this book made the wait even harder. 


Overall this was a really good addition to the series. Denver could come off a bit strong but I can't really say I minded all that much. I really cannot wait to start the next book in this series.