The Cherry Harvest

The Cherry Harvest: A Novel - Lucy Sanna

"Fine, then. Do it." Mike's voice boomed. "But let the record show..." He pointed to the growers, his eyes focused on Charlotte. "Let the record show that you- you-are making a bargain with the devil."

I love reading WWII historical fiction and I love going to Door County, Wisconsin. When I saw that this book took place in Door County during WWII I knew that I really wanted to read this book. 


This book follows Kate as her family (and other farms in Door County) has German prisoners of war work on their farm, helping to harvest their cherries. Kate's brother Ben is off fighting the war and there just isn't enough help on the farm. With the arrival of the German prisoners of war everyone in Kate's family is driven to hide secrets.


Of all the female characters in this book I liked Kate the most. There were times when I didn't like Kate but I can't honestly say that I liked any of the other female characters at all while reading this. Kate could definitely be naive at times and I think what I did like about her was the innocence she showed. She grew as the book went along (which was needed based on what went on in the book) and I liked seeing her growth. As for Charlotte and Josie, I couldn't really find any qualities that redeemed them in my eyes. 


The events in this book will really draw you in and it is shocking where you end up at the end. No matter how annoyed I became with the characters I was always interested in the plot. There are some pretty major things that happen in this book and I loved what was thrown at readers towards the end of the book. 


This book did give me glimpses of the Door County I love and it kept me interested until the very end. I would be interesting in reading more from this author.


*I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through Librarything's Early Reviewers program.*