Bridesmaid Blues

Bridesmaid Blues (Entangled Lovestruck) (Wedding Favors) - Boone Brux

I bought this a few weeks ago when I was looking through Entangled:Lovestruck titles and feeling low on self control. This caught my eye and shortly after reading the description I was off buying the ebook. While I did enjoy this overall I would have liked this to have been longer with more may to the story.


I did like both of the main characters, Dani and Jamie. My main problem with both of them (well besides the fact that I felt Jamie needed to man up some and do what he really wanted to do instead of what his dad commanded him to do) is that I felt like throughout this book I never really got to know them all that well. I would have definitely liked to have read more about their past. When they both started to let their guards down (at least enough to be friends with benefits) the story really started to heat up and I loved the passion between them. 


Sometimes I felt like the characters could be a bit overdramatic and sometimes their drama could be a bit baffling. One character got really pissed at another over something really stupid. Maybe I felt that way because I felt a lack of connection with most of the characters. 


I would recommend this if you are looking for something with some great heat but nothing too heavy.