The Secret Life of Violet Grant

The Secret Life of Violet Grant - Beatriz Williams

They say time is supposed to lengthen when you're in shock, that your body shuts itself down, but I felt the opposite. I felt as if the seconds were racing by, sharp with unnecessary detail, the molecules of air pinging separately and rapidly against me.

After reading A Hundred Summers and absolutely living it I knew that Beatriz Williams was an author that I wanted to read more of. When this book came earlier this year I put it on my to be read list and have now finally gotten around to reading it. Beatriz Williams manned to write another captivating historical fiction read that I really enjoyed from start to finish.


This book switches point of view between Vivian, who is mysteriously sent a piece of luggage that belonged to a great-aunt she didn't know she had, and Violet (Vivian's great-aunt), a women in the early 1910's who is a scientist unhappily married to an older professor of hers. I enjoyed reading about both women but I have to say that I liked Vivian more than Violet because I just loved Vivian's sense of humor and her sarcasm.


You would think with all that Violet goes through, with her husband and Lionel, that her storyline would completely overshadow Vivian's storyline but that is not the case. You get more mystery from Violet but there are some twists and turns in Vivian's life. I so wanted to see Vivian happy and for the longest time I was angry at how she gets jerked around.


I did enjoy the ending and where the characters ended up. It did get a bit sugary sweet at the end but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I really look forward to reading more from Beatriz Williams.