The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife - A.S.A. Harrison

The way she sees it, generosity is admirable but not always practical. Without some discreet retaliation to balance things out, a little surreptitious tit for tat to keep the grievances at bay, most relationships -hers included- would surely combust in a blaze of resentment.

If you like your main characters to all be likeable than this book is not for you. This book is driven by the ever unlikable Jodi and Todd who start the book in a relationship but become torn apart (some might say by Todd's actions) leading Jodi to murder Todd (that isn't a spoiler as it is in the book synopsis). What readers get to see are the events that lead Jodi to take her drastic measures.


I obviously didn't like Jodi or Todd but if I had to picked one that I disliked less I'd have to pick Jodi. Todd is a lying, cheating bastard who absolutely deserved what happened to him. Is it bad that I could not wait for him to be murdered? Jodi was just odd to me. No matter what Todd put her through she just wouldn't get a backbone or say anything to him about it. There was always something a little off about her.


The first half of this book really seemed to drag on to me and it took me much longer to read than the second half. I feel like I really flew through the second half of the book. I really was dying to see how Todd would be killed. After he was gone I did enjoy the twist that happened towards the end but I was really expecting some big mental break from Jodi. I ended up enjoying this more than I disliked it but I can definitely see why people would end up not liking this book.