Where I Have Been For the Past Few Weeks

My reading slump thrown together with a few other things (which I will discuss later in this post) have caused me to neglect reading and Booklikes for the past few weeks. Honestly it wasn't all that surprising that I would take a little break from reading considering I had been having a hard time motivating myself to read.


A few weeks ago Amazon reduced the price of Prime memberships to $67 in celebration of Transparent winning five Emmys. I couldn't pass that up so I finally got a Prime membership. I thought that the best thing about Prime would be the free two day shipping but little did I know how obsessed I would become with Prime video (I have also really enjoyed the music). In the span of about a week I finished all three seasons of Veronica Mars. I have also started watching Sons of Anarchy and am currently in Season 2. I have also watched some movies and comedy specials. I have loaded up my watch list with movies and tv shows that I want to see. 


At about the same time that I bought my prime membership I also decided that I wanted to relearn how to crochet. I say relearn because I had previously learned how to crochet but could only do chains. There is this woman at my work who is great at crocheting so I asked her to teach me how. It was a bit slow at first but I have already crocheted a scarf and am currently working on (and being traumatized at how long this is taking me to do) a blanket for a pregnant co-worker that I will give her at her surprise baby shower next week (fingers crossed that I will have it finished by then). I have really gotten good with crocheting and watching stuff on my Kindle Fire at the same time (I crocheted all the way through Veronica Mars and now miss the show whenever I crochet). 


I haven't touched a book in weeks but now am hoping to start reading again once I finishing crocheting the blanket. I hope I haven't missed anything big on Booklikes but I am glad to be back.