Paint the Town Dead

Paint the Town Dead - Sybil E. Johnson

No matter what mood I am in I am always up for a good cozy mystery. While I did enjoy the first book in the Aurora Anderson series this installment was even better. This time around Rory is at a local painting convention when a close friend suddenly passes. Everyone thinks that Rory's friend Jasmine died by accident but Rory refuses to believe it and investigates the death.


Rory can get in my nerves sometimes with her stubborn headedness but I also can't help but feel a bit protective of her. It seemed like around every turn there was more danger for Rory. I could understand why she would want to investigate Jasmine's death but sometimes she seemed to be a little reckless in her investigation.


There was a time after Jasmine died that I was a little bored while reading this but it really didn't last all that long. There were quite a few people that I suspected to be behind Jasmine's death and I am happy to say that I wasn't able to guess who was behind it. That really kept me interested in the story and I loved the action that happened after the reveal.


I was a little bummed that Rory and Detective Green were not in a relationship. They don't appear that they will be in a relationship anytime soon (because of Mel) but I am still keeping my fingers crossed for them.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.