His to Claim

His to Claim - Opal Carew

Wow, this was definitely something. I don't know what I was expecting when I first put this on my tbr shelf but what I got from this was some blush inducing steamy scenes. I would not recommend reading parts of this book in public as you might find it hard to reign in your reactions (I would definitely have been blushing like crazy). That was clearly the upside to this book for me.


I can't say that I really loved the two main characters, Melanie and Rafe. It annoyed me that when Rafe is dealing with his family business then he would be called Rafe but when he was performing with his band he would be called Storm. Honestly it only really bugged me that Melanie would call him a different name depending on what he was doing. She eventually does just start to call him Storm all the time. I think that I didn't love the both of them because I honestly didn't see much character growth. Character growth and plot progression were honestly not what kept me reading this (as the book lacked both of them sometimes).


This is one of those books that comes along that you can't put down even though it lacks things that you want to see in books purely because it had such great heat. That might not be enough for everyone and the heat and certain situations might be not to everyone's taste but I sure as heck enjoyed the heat.