A Song For the Brokenhearted

A Song for the Brokenhearted - William Shaw

I have always enjoyed this trilogy. Reading this final installment was definitely bittersweet for me and maybe that is why I read this so slowly.


Breen and Helen are back and this time they are investigating the murder of Helen's sister that took place years ago. This investigation is personal and it just might get Breen in more danger than he's ever been (which is saying a lot considering his history). Breen starts investigating Alexandra's murder while recuperating on the Tozer family farm (well Helen really leads him to do it). While I did enjoy the investigation, and getting to read about Breen going undercover as a hippie, I felt that it really wasn't all that hard to figure out who the murderer was after a little while. Why that person murdered Alexandra remained a mystery for quite a while to me.


What I loved about this book was the relationship between Breen and Helen. Something big happens between them and I loved it. Breen clearly loves Helen but Helen still wants to remain independent. I loved her stubbornness but ultimately loved where they ended up at the end. I am sad that this is the last I'll read of Breen and Helen.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.