Fighting Dirty

Fighting Dirty (An Ultimate Novel) - Lori Foster

I have been waiting to read Armie's story for what feels like forever. Armie was such a great character in the previous books of the series that all I really wanted was to get to read about his story from his point of view. While I did like this book I do felt like the wait and anticipation for this book caused my expectations to skyrocket to a point that it would be highly unlikely that they would be met. I'm sorry but this book should have definitely come earlier in this series considering how formulaic this series was towards the end.


Armie had such a sparkle and just downright dirty side to him throughout this series and in this one there were definitely some great Armie moments. I still feel as though he wasn't exactly the Armie I grew to love in the previous books. What this book did ready well was highlight Armie's past. You really start to understand why Armie is the way he is. 


Rissy fell a bit flat for me. I felt like Armie really drove this story and that Rissy just kind of faded into the background at times. She did have her strong, stubborn moments but I had hoped for more spark. There was definitely some great chemistry between Rissy and Armie some great steamy scenes.


I did enjoy this book, don't get me wrong, but I spent so much time wondering what it would be that this fell short of what I imagined it could have been. I still love Armie but I think I'll be taking a break from Lori Foster books for a little while.