Lana and the Laird

Lana and the Laird (Untamed Highlanders) - Sabrina York

So either I was too distracted by the fact that there is a hunky Scottish guy in the book while I was reading the description or there was something pretty big left out of it. I did not know that there would be a big paranormal chunk to this book and that really threw me off as that is not what I was expecting from this book. It didn't ruin the book for me but just threw me for a loop. 


I came in to reading this book not having read any of the previous books of the series and I felt like I was able to follow along pretty well. Clearly some of the supporting characters had previously been featured in the other books but I still felt like they were introduced nicely in this book. I spent most of this book more interested in the supporting characters than the main ones so I would be a little curious to go back and read the previous books of the series.


I didn't altogether like either Lachlan or Lana. I felt like Lachlan was pretty blind and stupid throughout the whole book because it was pretty obvious what was going on. Lana was a tad annoying to me at times but out of the two I liked her more than Lachlan. 


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.