The Beast of Clan Kincaid

The Beast of Clan Kincaid - Lily Blackwood

I knew this was a romance book when I started it but after reading the prologue and how it concentrated on what happened to Niall's clan I was really hoping to read about his quest for revenge. I just wanted a little less romance and a little more revenge out of this book. Half the time Niall seemed to completely lose his anger and become way to distracted by Elspeth. He wanted to destroy the MacClaren clan yet he kept mooning after Elspeth. I wanted him to concentrate more on his mission and less on Elspeth who he seemed to fall in love with too fast (as was she with him). 


I wasn't a big fan of the ending. Any conflict that there was in the book seemed to be resolved way too easily. Elspeth ended up forgiving Niall to easily and casted side her family. Niall rose to power with absolutely no resistance. It just wasn't satisfying.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.