Ultimate Vengeance

Ultimate Vengeance (Wanted Men Book 4) - Nancy Haviland

I have really grown to love this series with every book that I've read. When I started this book it felt way different from the other books that I had read and loved. The writing was very awkward in the beginning and it was a bit painful to read at times. The more that I read the better the writing became.


Alek comes across his ex Sasha at a restaurant and he wants to explain himself and win her back. Sasha wants nothing to do with him as the last time she saw him he was cheating on her (or so she thought). Little does Alek know that Sasha has a secret that she is keeping from him that will turn his life upside down. 


So for most of the first half of the book Alek is trying to explain himself to Sasha and she is trying to avoid him. The more this kept going on the more annoyed I became. When Sasha's secret finally came out I felt like the story finally progressed but I didn't like who Alek became when he first found out. Once the two of themselves finally got over their issues I loved seeing their relationship progress.


There was a villain in this book and I really didn't like the parts from his point of view. I can completely understand why he was driven to act the way that he did. That doesn't mean I liked him at all though.


The action towards the end and the twist at the end definitely saved this book for me. The action was amazing and you honestly didn't know who would make it out alive. If not for the action and that awesome twist at the end I probably would not have continued on with this series.