Wild Ride

Wild Ride (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club) - Chantal Fernando

I really wish this would have been a full length book and not a novella. After the last book I had really hoped that Tia and Talon would get together. This novella follows both of them and their growing relationship.


I couldn't get enough of this novella. The sparks flying between Tia and Talon had me hooked and dying for more. I really liked that when they finally got together that they didn't let anyone else's opinion of their relationship get in the way. They are probably one of my favorite couples of this series (second to Sin and Faye).


There was more to the book than just Tia and Talon's relationship. Talon is having problems with his MC. I was really interested in this storyline and was really disappointed with the abrupt ending. Nothing gets solved at all and I was left hanging.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.