The Queen's Accomplice

The Queen's Accomplice: A Maggie Hope Mystery - Susan Elia MacNeal

For the past couple of years this series has been one of my favorites. I've loved reading about Maggie Hope and her latest adventures. While Maggie is still her same feisty self this installment felt a bit too predictable.


Maggie is back and she is thrown into the investigation into the murders of young women joining the SOE. Paired with an investigator with the Scotland Yard she will delve deep into the mind of a man recreating Jack the Ripper's murders. Little does she know that she just might become the murderers latest target.


Maggie is just as feisty and intelligent in this installment as the previous ones. I loved her working relationship (which turns personal) with DCI Durgin. To her the investigation becomes personal.


To me it was completely obvious as to who the murderer was. It was so disappointing that Maggie never figures it out until the murderer confronts her. All the red herrings in the plot just couldn't distract me from the real killer.


I still eagerly await Maggie's next adventure. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.