Send in the Clowns

Send in the Clowns (The Country Club Murders) (Volume 4) - Julie Mulhern

This series has become my favorite Henery Press series. I've always enjoyed reading about Ellison. While I do love this series, this latest installment had me feeling a bit letdown. Ellison still had her great sense of humor but even her humor couldn't save parts of this. 


Ellison has repeatedly told both Hunter and Anarchy that she isn't ready for a relationship but neither will listen to her. They both kept pushing her and it became really annoying when other characters kept telling her to choose. Why can't Ellison just be on her own for a little bit?


The mystery as to who was behind Brooks' murder didn't seem all that compelling to me. There were a few suspects but honestly no one seemed all that interesting (even Brooks' trashy wife Stormy). When the murderer was finally revealed I was only a bit surprised and didn't care all that much.


Thanks to Netgalley and Henery Press for the galley.