Wolf's Mate

Wolf's Mate - Chantal Fernando

Vinnie has been one of my favorite secondary characters throughout this series so I was really happy to finally get to read his story. For the most part he was the same Vinnie that I loved from the other books. There were parts though that he became super cold and kind of a jerk and that is not how Vinnie was previously. As far as Shayla goes I did like her. I loved th banter between Vinnie and Shayla in the beginning but once they started to open up to each other I felt like the special spark between them dimmed some. Yes they still had some pretty steamy scenes but it just wasn't the same.


This series is very formulaic when it comes to the plot and this one is no different. Usually the girl lead is in danger and the guy comes to protect and save her. Once that danger is averted there is something (usually a misunderstanding or some sort of fight) that tears the couple apart and then they get back together again. This one definitely followed that and I felt it also threw in some romance cliches. The first half of this book was definitely what I liked the most.


Up next in this series are Faye and Sin (again!). I  definitely looking forward to reading that one.