Always: A Novel - Sarah Jio

I've been a fan of Sarah Jio's books for a while but I have  admit that I was a bit wary to read this book as I really didn't enjoy her last book. I had no need to worry though as this book did have some of the same magic that I've loved from her previous books.


This book alternates between the present and the past. The past shows Kailey's relationship with Cade, from the day they met to the day his mysteriously disappeared. The present follows Kailey when she discovers a homeless Cade after going to dinner with her current fiance Ryan. Cade doesn't seem to remember the past and is confused in a way that has Kailey very concerned. She knows that she has to help the man that she once considered the love of her life.


I loved reading about Kailey and Cade's relationship. They were so in love that you couldn't help but wonder what drove them apart. At the same time I did also like her with Ryan. She was different with Ryan than she was with Cade. When she first found Cade you could tell she still had some sort of feeling for him as she felt such a need to help him.


I was very curious throughout the book to see what happened to Cade that he ended up homeless. After reading a bit about the past events I could basically piece together what had happened. I really enjoyed the choices that Kailey made towards the end and where those choices led each of the characters to end up. I look forward to reading more from Sarah Jio.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.