A Palette for Murder

A Palette for Murder - Sybil E. Johnson

When I first started this series I wasn't really sure about it but now after reading this latest installment I have really grown to love it. This time Rory stumbles across her neighbor's body and is left investigating the murder when the police suspect that one of her friends did it.


I was really excited when Detective Green told Rory that he and Mel broke up. I was hoping that would finally start something between the two of them but unfortunately Rory had another love interest in this one. I will keep my fingers crossed for them to finally start something in the next book.


I liked that not only did Rory have to investigate Willow's murder but also had to investigate who had hit Kit, the homeless man she had become friends with. At first it doesn't look like the two storylines will connect but they do in a surprising way.


I did end up figuring out who the murderer was way before Rory. I felt like even though I didn't know why that person killed Willow that it was pretty easy to figure out that they had.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.