Every Wild Heart

Every Wild Heart - Meg Donohue

This book made me feel old. I could not stand reading from the teenage daughter's (Nic) point of view. She went from extremely awkward to extremely annoying after her horse riding accident. She went from being paralyzed by her shyness to committing a crime that she thought was harmless and basically ignoring everything her mother told her. She was also way too trusting and just basically stupid. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes.


Needless to say I found the mother's story much more enjoyable. Gail was a more likeable character that had a bit of growing to do herself. I liked her journey throughout the book and liked reading about her growing relationship with Denny. I would have rather read this book completely from her point of view.


I received this book from a Librarything Early Reviewers giveaway. My review is not affected by that in any way.