The Night Circus

The Night Circus - I had heard a lot of buzz about this book so I decided I'd read it and see if it was worth all the buzz. When I first started it I was in love with the circus. I how Erin Morgenstern described the circus, and I loved the idea of a night circus. The circus was magical and I found myself becoming a reveur. I felt like I was right there marveling at all the wonders of the circus. I would say that for about the first half I was absolutely enraptured with the novel. Everything changed once Celia and Marco started falling in love with each other. Surprisingly I wasn't fond of this relationship, hey I'm all for lovey-dovey romance but I felt like this was kinda forced and awkward. I know that it was pretty much crucial to the plot for the second half, but I just didn't enjoy that as much as the first half. As the circus started to unravel so did some of my love for the book. But then Erin Morgenstern ended the book keeping me still liking the book by giving the circus to Bailey.I was enchanted by the first half, lost some love in the middle, and liked the end. I would still recommend this book to fantasy and magic lovers, but I would warn them to be prepared for some cheesy/lovey dovey romance in the middle/end.